AXIS probes distribution

TMC is the official distributor in Québec and in Ontario for probes build by AXIS Mining Technology. These instruments use a unique technology that directly improves the production. Here is the list of the main probes distributed by Géophysique TMC :
  • Chinner Drill1
  • Magshot Logo
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  • Sonde1
  • Sonde2
  • Tablette

    Champ Magshot

    The AXIS Champ Magshot™ is the latest in Electronic Multishot technology. Designed to meet the harsh conditions of the mining industry the Champ Magshot™ combines impressive accuracy, performance and reliability with innovative though practical features to simplify the user experience.

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    • Chinner Drill
    • Gyro Measurement
    • Logo Champ Gyro2
    • Sonde Vertical

      Champ Gyro

      The AXIS Champ Gyro™ is an innovative north seeking solid state gyro system that allows users to take high accuracy singleshot, multishot or orientation measurements at the push of a button. It’s tough, reliable, requires no starting azimuth and is ready to survey within minutes.

      • Inner OSA Drill
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      • Sonde1
      • Sonde2

        Champ OSA

        The AXIS Champ OSA™ (Overshot Assembly) is a unique running gear which allows you to run a Champ Gyro™ survey as you retrieve a core sample. This innovative approach eliminates the need for a separate survey run.

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