Geophysical ground surveys

Our services of geophysics are directly linked to field data collection. Surveys are carried out with various instruments according to the most appropriate geophysics method for your project..

Here is the list of the main surveys carried out by Géophysique TMC :


AXIS probes distribution
TMC is the official distributor in Québec and in Ontario for probes build by AXIS Mining Technology. These instruments use a unique technology that directly improves the production.

Here is the list of the main probes distributed by Géophysique TMC :


Additional services

Additional services allow us to offer, through our company, a complete all-included service with our geophysical surveys. We will handle the managing of these additional services from start to finish thanks to our extensive experience in this field.

Depending on your specific needs, we can include in our contracts the construction of exploration camps, to line cutting and topographic surveys. These services must be made before beginning the data collection and must be made professionally to ensure professional geophysical surveys.

Throughout our work, we also offer to manage human resources.

Furthermore, we offer to write reports, recommendations, drilling targets and interpreted maps. These activities are conclusive to our work and are carried out by experienced senior geophysicists being part of our partners.