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With the emergence of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones, we can now eliminate the need for line cutting and costly field teams. What the customer would typically pay for line cutting costs alone, we can now offer a large-scale magnetic survey completed with a tighter line spacing then what was previously thought to be economically possible.

 We use a potassium magnetometer for data of the highest quality. Due to the sensitivity of the instrument, the magnetic probe is attached 15 m below the aerial vehicle. The separation distance is crucial to ensure that vehicle noise does not contaminate the data. Prior to any work, we will obtain all Transport Canada certifications and authorizations to complete work that meets or exceeds all legal requirements.

 Our partner is a member of the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA) and will be one of the original members of its UAV Safety Committee. We provide qualified personnel to ensure that the work is carried out safely and efficiently. For example, the primary operator is a certified driver. With our operations manager, we can ensure that the entire survey is done safely and efficiently.

Service de drones
Service de drones
Service de drones


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